The Week in Review

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Flew back in on Sunday, then went and played quizzo at Dark Horse on Monday and suffered a painful defeat. Finally got back into the swing of things on Tuesday at O’Neals, where the Young, the Old and the Restless shredded the competition, scoring 100 while the Number of Hula Chicks I Lei’d Last Week Is 74, finishing 2nd.

Can you answer the 5 toughest questions of the week? Read on.

We had another blowout at the Bards, as Sofa Kingdom wasted little time in dispatching their chief rival, the Narcotizing Dysfunktion, 110-88. The Kingdom was perfect in the final round.

A mild upset on Wednesday night, as the River of Rocks, who always seem to give the Jams fits when they play, knocked off the aforementioned Jams, 110-106. Lane Garrison was the difference in the game, as the Jams thought he was on the OC, and the Rocks got it right with Prison Break.

What usually happens when the best two teams at a bar join forces, while another team has to split in two b/c they have too many players? We found out Wednesday night, as the Satan’s World held off the Crotch Angels, 103-99. It came down to the last question, as the World knew what seafaring novel Richard Henry Dana wrote in 1840, and the Angels did not. (It was 2 Years before the Mast).

It was Ocho Cinco with the win at the GOod Dog, 97-87 over We Didn’t Know What We Had Until It Was Gone. Darth Ern showed up late to help It’s Heaven (Top photo) in the 4th Round, but they still fell short with 59.

The Sofa Kingdom was out drinking all day Thursday (watching the Penn game), and it showed Thursday night, as they faded in the final round. It came down to the Hurtin Bombs and Hold Onto Your Butts. Hold Onto Your Butts held off the Bombs for a thrilling 101-100 win. THe Kingdom finished 3rd with 93.

Toughest questions of the week:
1. UCLA has the record for most NCAA championships, with 11. Who’s 2nd with 7?

2. An inscription on this Greeks garden gate read: “Stranger, here you will do well to tarry; here our highest good is pleasure.”

3. WHat is Gary Ridgeway better known as?

4. Who originally had a hit with the song Stand By Your Man in 1968?

And finally the question only one team (Winners Aren’t Whiners) answered correctly on Thursday night: Who is the only President to receive a US patent?
a) Jefferson b) Lincoln c) W. Wilson d) JFK

1. Kentucky
2. Epicurius
3. Green River Killer
4. Tammy Wynette
5. Abe Lincoln