Devastating Loss at Dark Horse

sad (Custom).gif
Yeah, so last night I put together a fairly impressive team and set off for the Dark Horse to put Palestra Jon in his place. The team consisted of me, D-Mac, Smackdown, Trivia Art, and our buddy Jacques. Yep, three bloggers on the same team. The epitome of kool (with a K). Our team name was “We Mugged the 101 Year Old Lady”. We had attitude. We jokered Round One and got it perfect. After a so-so round two, we took the lead in the Speed Round by handing our paper in first. So we had a lead going into the final round. Then we crashed and burned. On two questions we really ate a sandwich. Both entirely my fault. For “What are the two longest running plays in Broadway history”, I thought Cats and Phantom of the Opera were too easy, so I went with Cats and Mousetrap. Then, on who is the oldest Hall of Fame baseball player still alive, I wrote down Yogi Berra, even though Jacques tried to convince me it was Phil Rizzuto. It was Phil Rizzuto. We lost by two to Palestra Jon’s team and finished 2nd. I’m still pissed. Damnit!