Day at the Beach

DSCF3531 (Custom).JPG
Spent yesterday at Kua Bay, where I went from being “the whitest person in Hawai’i” to the “person in Hawai’i with the dorkiest sunburn”. Yep, missed a couple of spots on my chest, so that there are now splotches of pink following no observable pattern against a strikingly white background. I think I’ll stay off the beach today. Just gonna go cruising around, I think. Been taking it pretty mellow. There’s not a whole lot of nightlife here, so I have most of my fun during the day. Hung out with some old work friends last night. It was extremely mellow. They’re all married now, so the party broke up around nine o’ clock. Looks like I’m the only one who’s not growing older (or is it not growing up?)