darth looks at – gangster/crime movies

Last night I saw “Zodiac” and last week “The Departed” won Best Picture. I thought both films were O.K. but long. So I decided to put a list together of my All-Time Top 10 Favorite Gangster/Crime Films. It was tough. There are a lot of good films that didn’t make it. If your favorites didn’t make it feel free to let us know what they were. For one reason or another there were films I didn’t see. Next time someone goes to the video store and nothing new catches their eye they might check out these movies. My Favorite 10 in order of release: 1. 1938 – “Angels With Dirty Faces” 2. 1941 – “The Maltese Falcon” 3. 1949 – “White Heat” 4. 1971 – “The French Connection” 5. 1972 – “The Godfather” 6. 1974 – “The Godfather 2” 7. 1990 – “Goodfellas” 8. 1992 – “Reservoir Dogs” 9. 1995 – “The Usual Suspects” and 10. 1997 – “LA Confidential” For Foreign Language Movie Lovers rhere’s “City Of God” 2003.