Two Sixers, not content with simply humiliating themselves on the court, discuss homosexuality

Wow, two Sixers who nobody outside of Billy King and Hip Hop the Rabbit even knew existed came out, so to speak, to embarrass themselves on the topic of John Amaechi and homosexuality (Michael Wilbon in the Washington Post). Stephen Hunter, who you may best know as “That tall black guy you always see on the Sixers bench”, said “For real? He’s gay for real? Nowadays it’s proven that people can live double lives. I watch a lot of TV, so I see a lot of sick perverted stuff about married men running around with gay guys and all types of foolishness.” Hey Stephen, how about a little less TV and a little more working on your post game?

Shavlik Randolph, who you may best know as “That tall white guy you always see on the Sixers bench,” decided he would one-up Hunter in the dumb comment department. He said, “As long as you don’t bring your gayness on me, I’m fine.” What? What does that even mean? Man, wouldn’t it be completely awesome if the local gay community had “Bring Our Gayness Day” at the Wachovia Center, where they all “brought their gayness” on Randolph throughout the whole game?

Oh, and PS, Randolph went to Duke, so apparently that’s where he became so enlightened. As if we needed more fuel to flame the “Duke sucks” fire.