Thursdays with Ginger

This week Ginger catches a cold…and catches a Valentine!
It’s been a rough week as I have single handedly kept Kleenex maker Kimberly Clark’s stock up $12 over this time last year. I don’t get sick often. And when I do, i have a hard time “stopping.” It’s kind of like when Mike Seaver on Growing Pains is sick and can’t go to school. He turns on the TV and can’t believe Gilligan’s Island is actually on. He can’t comprehend that the world goes on without him.

I don’t think I am quite that egocentric, but I do think I have to keep functioning as best I can under the circumstances. I worked all weekend and slept when I wasn’t serving up huevos rancheros. I thought “it” would be gone in a day or two but no. I woke up today, still hacking, with the realization that I could have a serious lung infection. I have been making light of the situation for days now, switching up the label on my illness to every other person I talked to. The one that seems to come up the most is tuberculosis. The wanna-be hypochondriac in me did a little research and discovered that over one-third of the world’s population now has the TB bacterium in their bodies and new infections are occurring at a rate of one per second. That’s nothing short of frightening. Most cases are developing in countries that are not.

A few notable people in history that bid adeiu due to the TB are Stephen Crane, Doc Holiday, all the Bronte sisters, Poet John Keats, and Famous Russian Chess Player Rudolf Carwsek. So, due to my illness, my adventures in bar-hopping were extremely limited this week. Drank gouden carolous Grand Cru of the Emporer at Monks while feasting on Veal Cheeks that I couldn’t event taste (due to illness).

Made it out for 1/2 off Sly Fox cans night at the Good Dog. Once again, too bad, so sad couldn’t even taste my chicken chili.

Despite my illness I did have a Valentine. He officially asked me which i thought was sweet. I took my whooping cough over to his place last night. He led me to the living room where candles, truffles, and my all time favorite beer, Rochefort 10 were on the table with two glasses. Lance Romance! I think I kind of like this guy! That about wraps it up, but be sure to tune in next week for Thursdays with Ginger.