Around the Horn

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-The above photo of grass and telephone poles is currently the lead photo on I haven’t seen such an engaging photo since that time I took a picture of the inside of my coat pocket. It was an accident, and I felt foolish when I realized what I had done.

Tim Hardaway just said that he hates gay people. In case you were wondering, Tim’s a really smart guy who has seemlessly made the transition from ballplayer to businessman while keeping his dignity intact. Why, just last week, I saw him play a carpenter named Randy in a game of one on one on the showPros vs. Joes . Tim totally kicked his ass with that killer crossover, then poor Randy couldn’t sack Kordell Stewart. Silly carpenter.

-Michael Jackson might be appearing on American Idol soon. reports that “several signs” point to the possibility that Michael Jackson will have his own “Idol” theme-week, and might even “mentor” the impressionable young talent on the show. Remember how well it worked out the last time that MJ “mentored” impressionable young people? This sounds like a really good idea. (from

Pat Burrell got engaged over the winter. Fortunately, the first time he met this girl, he didn’t freeze up (there were no runners in scoring position at the time.)

Still collecting submissions for worst love song of all time.