Holy Freaking Cow! Saturday in CHinatown is Perfect!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Johnny, you brilliant little devil you, you planned this so perfectly. A comedy show that ends right at midnight in Chinatown, so that those of us at your show can then step right outside and see the midnight Chinese New Year Parade! Absolutely brilliant!” To which I can only say, uh, yeah, you’re right. I, uh, planned it this way all along because I have, uh, remarkable foresight and people who say that this is just a totally awesome coincidence have no iea what they are talking about.

Holy s***! Are you kidding me? This rules! What a great excuse to see some great comedy and also a midnight parade! And you might as well get some good Asian food while you are there. I suggest Penang or the Sang Dee Peking Duck House. They both rock.
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