Hello-The Week in Review

We began the week by showing True Romance at the Troc. The show opened with a very special Love Connection, as Chip Chantry was looking for love. Asronaut Lisa Nowak tried to snag Chip, but when she found out that another contestant was dating her astronaut lover, she flew into a rage and sprayed her with Mace. Next up, sexy bartender Mariann was up for grabs. It looked for a second that a terrorist was going to win her hand, but his “Death to America!” screams infuriated the Abe Lincoln impersonator who was trying to win her devotion. The terrorist looked like he had beaten the Lincoln impersonator with the sleeper hold, but the crowds chants of “USA! USA!” stirred something deep within the Lincoln impersonator and he came back and beat up the terrorist and won Mariann’s hand. In other words, it was a pretty damn funny show.

On to quizzo. Another week, another blowout at O’Neals, as the Young the Old and the Restless won easily again, crushing Philly Hardcore. I am hereby announcing that there will be a $25 bounty on YOR’s head next week, the first time they have ever been honored with the Bounty Bowl designation.

By the end of Round three at the Bards, it was obvious that it was going to come down to the Sofa Kingdom and the Gruesome Twosome Who Knew Some, which was two members of the team that finished 2nd at QB3, including Steve O. They were out for revenge, and they got it with a 108-100 win.

A small crowd at the Vous on Wednesday, but a huge upset. The Sexa-ma-phoooones knocked off the Jams (who, to be fair, were playing a little short handed) 107-100, as they were the first of two teams this week to ace an impossible round.

At the Black Sheep, the Satan’s Minions took down defending champ Duane’s World, 107-100, as no team has won back to back matches at the Sheep since September.
On Thursday, the only thing that prevented a perfect score by MAGMA was the Ghetto Boys. They did not know who rapped “Gangsta of Love” in the “Love Songs That Don’t Totally Suck” wild card round, but they knew the other 39 answers, and finished with the weeks high score, a 116. Swan Poodle, Does It Exist finished 2nd with an 87.

A tight contest at the Bards, with the Hurtin Bombs winning for the 2nd straight Thursday. They finished with 98, and three teams finished less than one quetsion behind them, with 94. At Least We Don’t Have…, the Mongoloids, and WWJBD all finished with 94. At Least We Don’t Have… took the silver in overtime. Sofa Kingdom did not play.

It was a fun week, with the highlight possibly being the wild card round of “Johnny Croons your favorite love songs.” Harry Carey doing the Backstreet Boys was particularly memorable. Have a great weekend, and we’ll see ya next week!