The Week that Was

01-13-2007 002 (Custom).jpg
We got it started on Monday with Jackass 2 at the Trocadero. The Wheel of Terrific was, well, a disaster. And therein lies the beauty of the Wheel. It is usually either a laugh riot or a really awkward 15 minutes, which is almost as fun, b/c when it starts going downhill Chip and I just get more obnoxious to amuse ourselves. The games were mostly the same as games that have killed in the past. But there were a lot of hipsters there, and laughing out loud is expressly prohibited in the hipster handbook. The awkward silence was especially pronounced during “Horny Robot Jenga”. This monday we’ll be showing Snakes on a Plane.

The Young, the Old and the Restless were able to pull off a win at O’Neals on Tuesday. But in one of my favorite rituals in quizzo, Skip of the YOR comes up to me after every match, whether they win or lose, puts his cigar in his mouth, says, “Good game tonight John” and I hand him his scoresheet. In 3 1/2 years, he has missed only one quizzo, and has the scoresheet from every single match in that time. Long story short, I don’t remember how many points they scored. But they won.

Controversy at the Bards. The Sofa Kingdom and the Narkotizing Dysfunktion both finished with 106, and we went into overtime. I asked what % of Hall of Fame voters voted for McGwire. I figured I would take 23 or 24%, since it was 23.5 and I have never asked for a fraction before. The Dysfunktion guessed 23, the Kingdom guessed 23.5. I took both and we went to Double OT, which was won by the Dysfunktion. The Sofa Kingdom protested loudly, but their complaints fell on deaf ears.

Controversy again at the Vous, and this time, it was well deserved. On the question, “Who originally wrote Cinderella and the Little Red Riding Hood?”, the answer I was looking for was the Brothes Grimm (which is what almost every team answered, and it would not have changed results at all elsewhere). However, Charles Perrault’s version of Cinderella and Lil Red Riding Hood preceeded the Brothers Grimm version. This mistake on Johnny’s part cost Tonight’s Quizzo Winners a win over the Jams. Johnny sincerely regrets the error, especially b/c he loves to see Darth Ern and the Jams lose. Damn!

A thriller at the Black Sheep, as an N’Sync question knocked both Duane’s World and the Satan’s Minions a victory and handed the win to the Crotch Angels, who won 95-93-92.

MAGMA knocked off it’s chief rival, the Axis of Evil Knieval, on Thursday night at the Dawg. The Axis woulda pulled it off, but they were the only team who didn’t know what shoe manufacturer was named after a gazelle (Reebok), and MAGMA won by 3.

There were probably about 100 people playing quizzo at an out of control Bards. In a move that made Johnny very bitter, the Sofa Kingdom joined forces with two of the best free agents available, and they won easily, 108-96, over I Made Out Wih Posh Spice.