Ginger Thursdays…on Saturday!

This week Ginger talks about her first Mummers experience and gets called dirty names by her sister. Enjoy!

I woke up at 5:30 in the am and decided I would cheer on the mummerific clowns at Broad and Washington. I thought things were kicking off at 7:45. There I was, of all things to be early to, I took to the bleachers at 7:43 and waited. And waited. I can’t remember the last time I saw so many bleach-blond moms in eagles jerseys feeding their children bologna sandwiches. But those Oscar Myer children were adorable. I got sick of waiting and sold my soul to corporate america for a crappy cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee, returned to the bleachers and waited some more. Finally sometime around 9:15, they start dancing. Kicking things off with “Living on a Prayer.” Followed by “Rosalita.” When C & C’ Music Factory’s “Everybody Dance Now” came on, I had to make my exit –I got called into work. But I had been inspired.

I went home, and in an attempt to catch the fever, I tried to mummerify myself. A little slap of green eye shadow, some fake freckles and eagles colors and I thought I was off to Royal Tavern. I was just about to leave the house, when I looked in the mirror and had a change of heart. This “new look” wasn’t going to work. I changed and it was “hi ho, hi ho it’s off to work I go.”

While walking to work, the strangest thing happened. I get a call from my older sister who lets me know that she is extremely embarassed. “Oh really, why?” I ask. It turns out she was at her parents-in-law and they were asking about yours truly. So my sister decides to show them my myspace page. She usually reads my blog, but I am not sure if she has ever examined it any closer….the details like education, relationship status…..Well purely as a comedic effort, I am labeled as a swinger. Which is far from the truth. My In-Laws believe this to be the truth and my sister accuses me of being a “slut bag.” She hasn’t talked to me since, and I just can’t believe that after knowing me 6 years, they wouldn’t a) get my sense of humor b) think I was buying ads in the back of the city paper.

I shake off the slut bag accusation as best I can, change my status, and go on with my day. But the good news is I end up not being needed at work after all. I get a bite to eat and meet up with my friend Terry and bop around. We hit the Khyber and Brownies for some good beers- then a Barbecue where we grilled up some chorizo, lamb, and steak. Delicious. I switched it up to. A nice Rodney Strong Estate Red Zin and we headed to 2 street to see the floats come in. It was the most fun I have had since Quizobowl 2 (that was a plug for Quizobowl 3 which is on the horizon.) The day in it’s entirety gave me a renewed feeling of Philly pride. Kind of lose a little of it every day when I walk down broad street.

There was nothing easy about my Sunday Morning. I had to be at work by nine. It was an annoying day at first, but turned into a great night as our team was victorious and I was surrounded by some of my favorite people in the city. Beverage wise it was Jameson and “Ginger” for me that night. I usually stick to beer, but if I am going to have a mixed drink of sorts, I go for my namesake and some Irish Whiskey.

The rest of the week was nothing but good beer and good eats. Mushroom cheesesteak empanadas at the Good Dog on Monday are delicious, accompanied by a Sly Fox Pale Ale and a glass of sparkling wine. Tuesday- I go to the friends and family at XOCHITL, the new tequila lounge and restaurant at Head House Square, (you can read more about that at Wednesday was din din at 1601 with my roommate. Sipped on The Three Philosophers from Ommegang, which is a Belgian Abbey Ale with Cherry Lambic added. I also tried Never Summer Ale from Boulder Brewing. 1601 (10th and Tasker) is the only place in the city I have seen it on tap. The assertively hoppy yet malty beer won a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival back in 04′.

Well that about does it for me. I need to get to work on sewing the outfits I’ll be wearing on February 3rd.

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