Quizzo Bowl 3: Puttin’ the IQ in Risque

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Johnny Goodtimes, long considered one of Philly’s greatest entertainers by the underground but snubbed by the mainstream, thinks he knows why. “I have succeeded in many things, but have failed in one-to make quizzo sexy,” says the award winning quizmaster. “That’s about to change. On February 3rd, to be precise. On that date (which also happens to be Goodtimes birthday), we will be putting the IQ in Risque.” But Goodtimes thinks his vision is even grander. “This is about more than making quizzo sexy. It’s about making Philadelphia sexy. For too long we’ve been looked at as more trashy than sexy, a stereotype perpetuated by that neanderthal eating contest that takes place every year. Trashy has had it too good in this town for too long. On February 3rd, sexy fights back.”

Therefore JGT has hired the Bawdy Girls as his halftime entertainment. THe Bawdy Girls are women who realize that sexy is real, and not something that comes from saline, silicone, and botox. Much like the fact that the true measure of a person’s worth is the amount of questions they can answer, not the amount of wings they can eat. There is already Quizzo Bowl vs. Wing Bowl smack talk going down at Blinq, so I highly suggest you check it out. JGT will be selling tix at quizzo all week ($15 a pop).
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