Cute Little League Story

As many of you know, I am currently coaching a little league basketball team. Well, we had a tourney following the first half of the season, and before the semis, I told the guys, “If we win the whole tournament, I’ll take you guys out for pizza.” One of the guys chimed in. “And Slurpees?” I told them that yes, also Slurpees. We won the semi-final game. In the finals, the team looked sluggish and tired, and we trailed in the 3rd quarter. I called timeout and the team dragged themselves over to the bench. I didn’t say much. I just looked them in the eyes, and I asked, angrily, “Am I the only one around here who likes pizza?” Their eyes lit up. “I forgot about that!” said one of them. They stormed back out onto the floor, and won with a jump shot with 30 seconds left. We’re going out for pizza on Saturday.