Around the Horn

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-I pulled the completely classless move of sneaking a few Doritos into my mouth last night at Doobie’s while Ginger turned her head in disgust. I would like to apologize to Doobie’s for my act. I promise to buy a burger at your bar soon to make up for my rudeness.

This is off the freaking chain. You gots to peep this. I’ve watched and listened like 4 times. (SFW)

-I was one of those people who always thought that Supreme Court justices were boring old people who were way too normal. Then I read this on “A doctor was cited as saying that (William) Rehnquist, an associate justice of the Supreme Court at the time, tried to escape the hospital in his pajamas and imagined that the CIA was plotting against him.” The Chief Justice was lurking in the shadows in his PJs (preferbly with a tin foil hat), trying to stop the CIA from carrying out their sinister plot! The Supreme Court rules! No pun intended!

Historical geography of religion in 90 seconds. This is pretty awesome.