THe Week that was

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Wow, this was a wild one. Started with the Eagles game at the Troc. The Wheel of Terrific was pretty good, though we did one skit called “What did you ‘Putin’ My Sushi” that was high on concept but came off like a ton of bricks. But the other games went well, and the $100,000 Pyramid is always a huge hit. The game was great, of course, as the Eagles pulled of a win. BeerFest will be showing on Monday.

See if your team made the bold type and see if the Sofa Kingdom got upset in the Bounty Bowl after the jump,.

The action started at O’Neals, where the Shenanigoats knocked off the Embarrassments, 108-99. Dorksided finished 3rd with 90.

The Bards was the home of the Bouty Bowl, as Johnny upped the stakes in the hopes of having someone end Sofa Kingdoms 10 game win streak by offering $25 extra. It was a shootout, as Narcotizing Dysfunktion took a 64-62 lead over SK into the final round. The final round was intense, but in the end the Dysfunktion ended the win streak at ten with a 114-112 victory. Two Steple Hustle and Flow had a perfect Round Four and would have won anywhere else this week, but their 109 was only good enough for third.

The Champs (winners decided to come out of hibernation and make an appearance at the Rendezvous on Wednesday. They had their work cut out for them, as Trust Us We Know took them to the wire before falling 100-96. The Jams finished third with a 95.

Damn You Tribec played a lot better than they spelled at the Black Sheep, blowing out the field with 98 points. Split My Infinitives finished 2nd with 85. The Minions continued their recent struggles, finishing 4th with 80. Defending Champion Duane’s World went 0 for 10 in the wild card round and finished with 62. Meanwhile, the last place team went home with perhaps the strangest last place prize ever, a magnetic “Support 800 Cucumber Children” ribbon.

No surprises at the Good Dog, as MAGMA held off the Axis of Evil Knieval, 88-83. Then, at the Bards, the Sofa Kingdom almost costed JGT aother $25, as the team that always changes their name (same team that won at O’Neals on Tuesday) took them to overtime (87-87), but Sofa Kingdom knew Australia’s population (20 million) and came away with the overtime win.