Bubbachuck on his way out

Am I the only one one with extremely mixed feelings about AI’s impending departure? On the one hand, this team was going absolutely nowhere with Iverson on the team, and I really wouldn’t mind getting some young talent or some draft picks in return for him. And to be honest, I really haven’t paid much attention to the Sixers in years,so I won’t miss him that much. But he was a lot of fun to watch play, and I certainly appreciated the way he left it all on the floor every night. He reminds me a lot of myself as a player except that he is, uh, really good.

Now that I coach a little league team, I can’t really hold Iverson up as a role model, though. Anytime I want a kid to try harder or show some hustle in practice I can’t really say, “Do you think this is the way AI practices?” because the answer would be “Yep.” And when guys are making fun of a teammate, I can’t really ask, “Do you think that this is the way AI talks to his teammates?” because he doesn’t exactly come off as a team leader. So in both cases I have to revert to Dwayne Wade and Lebron James, who are much better role models than AI.