The Week that Was

12-15-2006 014 (Custom).jpg
We got the party started on Monday with Beerfest and I can honestly say that we had a blast. The Wheel of Terrific included beer bonging, a schwag beer taste test, and a very special appearance by Lindsay Lohan. It may have been the highest energy crowd we’ve ever had for the WOT, and it was awesome. The movie was actually a lot better than I thought it would be as well. Then, after the movie Ginger and I engaged some worthy opponents in a hard fought game of beer pong.

Continue reading to see the winners this week, the toughest questions of the week, and whether or not your team makes the bold print.

The Embarrassments broke a 58-58 tie with Missing a Member in the final round to come away with a 108-103 win at O’Neals, which, after a slow fall, has been packed the last couple of weeks. O’Neals was also where JGT unveiled his lauded “African Geography and Beverly Hills 90210” Wild card round.

The Bards saw a thriller on Tuesday night, as Narkotizing Dysfunktion knocked off the Sofa Kingdom for the 2nd straight week, 103-102, coming from behind in the final round to do so. The Snot Nosed White Kids From the Suburbs, whose members included D-Mac and Andy Reid impersonator Steve Odabashian, finished 3rd.

The Jams (aka Pinochet Grigio) were able to break out of what was for them a slump, winning for the first time in three weeks, overpowering the 2nd place Get Well Fast Senator Johnson, 106-85. Leftover Crack finished an impressive 5th with 61.
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The party continued at the Black Sheep, as the Satan’s Minions fought scored a 50 in the final round to come from behind and knock off the Crotch Angels, 103-98.

MAGMA was noticeably absent from the Good Dog on Thursday. The Axis of Evil Knieval took full advantage of their opponents being out of action, recording a 2 point win over the No-Talent Ass Clowns. The Ass Clowns are becoming a team to be reckoned with at the Dawg, as they have lost by only two points each of the past two weeks.

Finally, at the Bards, the Kingdom was apparently fired up by its loss on Tuesday, as they scored a whopping 112, only missing two questions the whole way. Silent Night, Violent Night tried to keep up, but lost despite an impressive 106.

The five toughest questions of the week were (answers below):
1. The climax of what 1960 classic novel is a murder attempt made against the narrator, who is dressed as a ham?
2. In 1965, what rookie running back scored 6 TDs, tying the record for most TDs scored in a game?
3. What is the liquid solution that fills the space between the lens and the retina of the human eyeball?
4. Who was the first man who did not have a wife when he became president?
5. In 1999, the American Film Institute annointed him as the greatest Male Star of all time, and Entertainment Weekly called him the Number one movie legend of all time. Who is he?

1. To Kill a Mockingbird
2. Gale Sayers
3. Vitreous humor
4. Thomas Jefferson (he had been widowed many years before. He promised his wife on her deathbed that he would never remarry, and he never did.)
5. Humphrey Bogart