Killing the camel

Here is the opening paragraph of a story out of Turkey: A crew of mechanics at Istanbul’s airport were so glad to be rid of some trouble-prone British-made airplanes that they sacrificed a camel on the tarmac in celebration — prompting the firing Wednesday of their supervisor.

Isn’t it a miracle that every plane flying out of Istanbul hasn’t come crashing down to earth moments after take-off, when you consider that these Neanderthals who SACRIFICED A LIVE CAMEL ON THE TARMAC were the mechanics! Also, keep in mind that this is Istanbul, the metropolitan hub of the country. Can you imagine what they are sacrificing in the small villages? Gypsies? Finally, I can just can just imagine a sweet old American couple who have taken their first big overseas trip in a while sitting in the airplane as it coasts toward the tarmac, having just arrived in Istanbul.

Woman: Hey sweetie, my eyes are bad. Can you tell me what those gentlemen are doing over there?
Man: Hmmm, it’s hard to tell. Let me just get my binoculars. OK, let’s see…JESUS F****** C*****!!! These maniacs are sacrificing a live f****** camel! I told you we should have gone to Paris!”
Turkish officials fire airport chief mechanic over camel sacrifice.
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