The Fado rivalry continues

Now as you know, Johnny has long had a rivalry with Fado quizzo. And it just got a little hotter, as JGT decided to swing by Fado after the Black Sheep for a New York minute with Trivia Art Wednesday night. Once he arrived, he was informed that earlier in the evening, the quizzo host at Fado had stated, “Johnny Goodtimes sucks.” Since there has yet to be confirmation of the statement, JGT has elected to remain silent on the matter. Bobby Badtimes is expected to weigh in on the matter as part of his holiday address in the coming weeks.

But it was what happened as I prepared to leave that was really worth repeating (yeah, I just switched from the third to first person. I can do that. It’s my website.). Suddenly, this girl just walks up to me and says, “I told that guy that if he didn’t stop f****** with me I was going to tell my boyfriend,” this complete stranger says to me excitedly. “My boyfriend is in the Irish mob, and he will KILL you.” Noticing that my eyes got kind of big at this statement, she soothed me with, “Not you, this is what I told the guy who kept f****** with me.” She then bragged, “My boyfriend is in the Irish mob, and he has killed over 20 people since moving to America without getting caught, so I am not someone you want to mess with.” She then stormed off. As a public service, I would like to alert the local citizenry that there is apparently an Irishman in the city who has killed over 20 people here, and Lord knows how many he killed in his homeland before sailing over. Be wary of all Irishmen! If you see someone who looks Irish approaching, just start running and screaming, “Killer!!!” This should frighten them off.