Like Whoa

-Yeah, yesterday I wrote about the Junkyard Dog, and today I’m looking at birthdays and guesss who would be 54 today if they were still alive? Weird. Man, makes me wanna grab them cakes!

Men do not think about sex every 8 seconds. That is an unfounded myth designed to make us look bad! We think about a lot of things other than sex. A random sampling of my thoughts over the past 8 seconds confirms this:
Bull riding is my new favorite sport; Hamburger Helper is delicious; I wonder what my fiancee is up to.
See, one about sports, one about food, and one about a person who is as nearly as dear to me as I am to her. And nothing about sex.

Dr. Phil kicks the creator of Bumfights off his show. I hope that dude that created Bumfights drives off a bridge. A tall one, where he has a lot to think about before he hits the water.

-There is something weird going on here. I got up at 11 and now it’s almost one and there is no way I’ve been sitting here at this computer for two hours. Something is up, and it is unsettling.