Merry Christmas Bedford Falls! Merry Christmas You Old Savings and Loan!

Just got done drinking a little wine and watching Wonderful Life. It’s as good on the 15th viewing as it was on the first. Here’s a downright hilarious article about why Pottersville is soooooo much kooler than Bedford Falls.
The sole bar in town appears to be Martini’s, a rest home which has a policy against admitting anyone under the age of 60. The strict family values of its devoutly Catholic Neapolitan owner, heavily watered drinks, the constant attention of a kindly bartender who knows your mother and a particularly anodyne menu of Christmas music are the attractions of this morgue, where your chances of getting lucky range between nil and zero.

Rocked the mic with a little “Christmas in Hollis” at my grader party last night. I wish I had video, but I got some good photos. I gotta be honest, I kicked total ass, and the 22 year old girls at the party gave me extended glances before deciding that they weren’t interested.

Looking forward to Christmas day. Will watch a little Christmas Caroll early while we wait for my sis to get here, then watch Elf while we open presents. One of my best friends is a big Cowboys fan, so I’ve invited him and his family to come by and watch as the Eagles destroy them manana. Then, in the spirit of Christmas, I will laugh heartily at his expense and tell him what a fraud his favorite team is. Ah, I love the holidays. Anyways, I just wanna wish you all a joyous Christmas and be sure to check back this week as I work on my world famous “Year in Review” both here and in this week’s Philadelphia Metro.