A week for Christmas Miracles

12-22-2006 009 (Custom).jpg
Now, I usually start the Week in Review with coverage of Movie Monday. But when Christmas Miracles occur, they get paragraph one treatment. Quizzo at the Rendezvous seemed like the usual quizzo at the Rendezvous. The Jams held a 12 point lead going into the final round. But they missed the special holiday edition of the 12 point weekly double, and two other teams got it, giving us our first ever three way tie in quizzo history (89-89-89). The first question of overtime was, “What year is on the screen at the start of the Christmas in Hollis video?” Perennial sixth place finishers Leftover Crack and the Jams got it right with 1987. The Merry Jolly Consumers guessed 1984 and were eliminated. Next question: “In what year was ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ released?” The teams both got it correct, 1946. Triple overtime. “In what year was the George C. Scott Christmas Carol released?” The Jams guessed 1971 and Crack guessed 1983. The correct answer was 1984, and we had one of the biggest upsets in quizzo history! God Bless Us, Every One!

Continue Reading to see who won, who lost, and what questions were asked.

REWIND. Take it back to Monday night, where we had one of our best Wheel of Terrifics ever. I’m telling you, you gotta check out the Wheel next month. We’ve got some good movies coming up. Anyways, this week we played games such as “Dead Elf Toss”, “Real Santa or Robot Santa”, and “We Had to Play a Jewish Game”, which saw the emergence of fan favorite Hannukkah Dwayne, the Jewish voodoo doll (above). The Grinch on the big screen was awesome. I’ve always thought Home Alone kind of sucked, but we had a pretty good crowd, so I guess I was wrong.

On Tuesday, the Altar Boys proved that they are holiday wizards, as they won the holiday spectacular for the 2nd straight year, knocking off the Young the Old and the Restless, 94-92. In fact, they even brought last years score sheet, which they had laminated!

The Sofa Kingdom struggled early at the Bards, but cruised through the final two rounds and emerged with a victory, but not before Nate became only the 2nd person in quizzo history to pass out during a game.
12-22-2006 011 (Custom).jpg

After the ‘Vous, Duane’s World took an early lead at the Sheep and put it into cruise control from there, knocking off No practice in Denver, 103-94. By the way, nobody came up with what I thought would have been the ultimate team name: Christmas, We Talkin’ Bout Christmas. Dear Baby Jesus, All Women Hould Wear Thongs finished 3rd with 91.

On Thursday, MAGMA held off the One eyed Wonder Weasels, 88-87. If they had only known the 9th day of Christmas, they would have pulled the upset. Every Time a Bell RIngs, Johnny Gets Shot Down finished 3rd. Then, at the Bards, it was a team from Boston coming into Philly and taking the title, as the House of Tards edges the Miracle of Kwanzaa, 104-102. It was an especially tough loss for the Miracle of Kwanzaa, as all they had to do was answer one of the final two questions to win and were unable to do so.

Here’s some tough questions from the week:
1. What’s the name of the town in It’s a Wonderful Life, and what would it have changed its name to if George had never been born?
2. What was the name of the man that Scrooge apprentices for in A Christmas Carol, the man who throws the great parties?
3. What is the central stem in a menorah, used to light the other candles?
4. What is the name of the character played by porn star Scott Schwartz in Christmas Story, the kid who gets his tongue stuck to the pole?
5. In the movie Scrooged, the Ghost of Christmas Past is played by David Johansen. Johansen is better known as a singer who went by what name?

1. Bedford Falls, Pottersville
2. Fezziwig
3. Shammash
4. Flick
5. Buster Poindexter