Eagle fans humiliate themselves on National Stage (again)

On Monday night Eagle fans at the Linc got a chance to show the world that not only are they obnoxious and rude, but also complete f****** idiots who don’t know the game of football. And boy did they make the most of it! When Jeff Garcia, who threw for 312 yards, 3 TDs and no interceptions, went down after a couple of hard hits in the 3rd quarter, Eagle fans cheered. Yep, there were our fans, in front of a national audience, cheering an injury to their own player. I mean, at least Michael Irvin played for the other team! The neanderthals then booed when Garcia stayed in the game. Why? Because they think AJ Feeley is the 2nd coming of Joe Montana. Yes, that AJ Feeey, the one who couldn’t beat out Jay f****** Fiedler for a starting job in Miami. Yes, they were booing a QB who has twice thrown for over 30 TDs in a season b/c they think their savior is one who has thrown 19 TDs in his entire career. Of course, these are the same fans who thought all season that the real problem with the team was McNabb, who is one of the best QBs in the NFL, so what should we really expect from their feeble minds? I hate to say it, but the idiot fans of this city don’t deserve a parade.

***Btw, did someone at ESPN read my blog and want to piss me off? Was I the only one who noticed both a feature story on the booing of Santa before the game and two long interviews with Rocky?