Did it work?

daniel boone (Custom).jpg
Several people have asked me this week if my search for a frontier woman paid off. Well, I wouldn’t say it paid off, per se, but I definitely got some fun responses. For example: I am up to my winter weight and can shoot a gun. I can also russle up some squirrels and make you the best gosh darn squirrel soup u ever had. Can I bring along my man and the 10 young’uns with us though? Another tried to sell me on her attributes: I have a conestoga wagon, 3 oxen, 25 lbs of boiled potatoes, a whittlin’ knife and an iron skillet. And one tried to sell me on her heritage: have you found someone to take your trip with you? well, if not i maybe of help…it is rumored that i am a tiny part blackfoot. i might just be able to get the savages to cut some slack.

Who says frontier romance is dead?