Quizzo Rumors and the Week that Was

It started on Monday, with the Wheel of Terrific and Half Baked at the Troc. It was a very special Wheel, as the lovely Ginger filled in for Chip. The crowd was great, and went wild when we played “Stoner Price is Right” and “Who’s the Dealer?” Another game that was a big hit was “Beer or Crap”, as a lucky contestant picked the right box and went home with a beer instead of a Barbara Mandrell album.

The action continued on Tuesday, as at a charity gig at O’Neals on Tuesday night, a team called Flirting for the Cause blew the biggest 4th round lead in quizzo history, 18 points, to lose to 5 Infidels and a Heathen. (above)

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Johnny then headed downstairs for regulation quizzo at O’Neals, which was won handily by the Young, the Old, and the Restless, who scored an impressive 104. The Embarrizments finished 2nd with an even 100.

The Sofa Kingdom continued their dominance at the Bards on Tuesday night, though they were the only team all week who missed the question, “Whose father is on the cover of Newsweek this week?” They finished with a 111. Screech vs. Irvin, Dancing with the Stars 4 finished 2nd with 98.

The Jams returned to their winning ways after last week’s upset loss, cruising past Trust Us We Know, 104-92. The Defending champs, Harmful to Minors, finished 5th.

New blood at the Black Sheep on Wednesday night, as some old favorites crashed and burned. DARSH emerged with 101 points and the win, and old timers WTF came back into the fold with a 2nd place finish. Other classic teams didn’t fare so well. The Satan’s Minions only managed 74 and Duane’s World only scored 71. But the biggest disappointment had to be the Infatable Haggis, who were lucky not finish last, scoring a measly 58. Actually they weren’t lucky to finish last, since the team that did finish last, Bunnies and Kittens Sunshines and Rainbows got a VHS copy of Richard Simmons Dance Your Pants Off.

Despite only having three members, MAGMA came away with a solid win at the Good Dog on Thursday night, scoring a 108. I Went to Tom Cruise’s Bridal Shower, and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt finished 2nd with 99. Yeah, we had fun at the Good Dog, but more importantly we learned a valuable lesson: Beers are only $2.50 across the street at Applebees during Eagles games! I think you’ll know where to find me on Sunday!

The week ended with a thriller, as Steny Hoyer-Beyond Thunderdome took a five point lead over the Kingdom going into the final round, and looked to have a perfect round four. But they changed their answer on the weekly double at the last minute, and finished with 108, same as the Kingdom. The match went into double overtime, before the Kingdom won with, “How many yards did Jamel Lews rush for in his best season?” The Sofas were off by five yards, the Thunderdome was off by over 1,000 (It’s 2,066). So the Kingdom came away with their 18th win in the last three months.
Rumors: MAGMA is discussing the possibility of switching venues…JGT talked to the Crowd Pleasers on Monday about Quizzo Bowl 3…Looks like World Cafe Live might already be booked for that date, so Johnny might be looking into another venue…There is talk of a bounty on the Kingdom’s head on Tuesday, stay tuned.