Goodtimes sells out to corporate interests (Again)

11-17-2006 008 (Custom).jpg
Critics of Johnny Goodtimes were armed with fresh ammo on Thursday, as JGT hosted a corporate party for Merck in Blue Bell. “First, he’s writing for, now he’s hosting parties for giant pharmaceuticals,” said longtime critic Spanky Twizzler. “Anyone who thinks that JGT is just some happy-go-lucky bar jockey who is doing this for the love of the sport is just deluding themselves. He is simply a commodity, selling out every chance he gets to special interests.” When broached for comment, Johnny simply said, “You’ll have to take this up with my publicist.”

Meanwhile, Seven X’s and a Y (above) emerged victorious at the event, defeating teams with such colorful names as “Table 6”, “Table 5”, and “Table 9”. The Superheroes finished 2nd. The event was a lot of fun, then Johnny got lost trying to get back to the city. Fortunately, having previously dated someone in the suburbs paid off, as I recognized where I was at one point and was able to figure out my way back.