What could make baseball better?

Yeah, so the ratings for this years World Series are the worst ever, and baseball has been in a slump since the ’94 strike. What are some ideas to get people interested again? Ern offered that they pla the Series in Las Vegas, which isn’t a bad idea. Always warm, cheap to get to for fans, makes it more of an “event”. I also have an idea I have proposed several times before, and that I am convinced would make regualr season basbeall more exciting: if the teams are tied after 10 innings, you go to home run derby to determine a winner. Hey, hockey realized it had to do something to sexy up the game, so it wento penalty shots. Everybody leaves after the 10th inning of games. If you did home run derby, not a single fan would leave. What idea do you have to improve the game of baseball. No idea is too crazy.