Switching Horses Mid-Stream

When the Phillies blew it in the final week of the regular season, I wasn’t sure who I was gonna root for in the post season. I mean, it’s always fun to root against the Yankees and against the Mets. But the problem is that you almost kind of want them to advance so that you can keep rooting against them. But I got caught up in Detroit’s post season chase when I saw the much maligned Kenny Rogers shut down one of the most potent lineups in baseball history. I cheered for him again as he steamrolled the A’s. And I prepared to cheer again last night. But then baseball fans such as me took another one on the chin. Much like the 1998 home run chase, this too good to be true story of redemption for a 41 year old pitcher was, well, too good to be true. Kenny Rogers is no different than Barry Bonds, and so I’m switching sides. From here on out, I’ll be rooting for St. Louis. I never liked Detroit anyway. It’s hookers are too mean.