The Departed

I saw the Departed the other night, and though I don’t usually review movies, I thought this was one where I’d throw my thoughts out there and see what you think. The first two hours are startlingly brilliant. Nicholson is amazing, but Damon and DiCaprio are really too. After two hours, I was thinking, “Man, I want this thing to go another two.” No I didn’t. The last half hour was a gratuitous bloodfest that gave me no satisfaction, and almost wasted the first two hours of brilliance. It’s like if, at the end of Goodfellas, Scorcese had said, “Let’s start blowing s*** up, just for fun.” The girl in the film is completely pointless. Her characted had potential, but in the end it was obvious that she was in the film because there had to be a love interest. I would highly recommend this film to appreciate the acting and the twists and turns of the first two hours, but I would warn you to be ready to cover your eyes repeatedly in the last half hour, as there’s more brains flying and than in a bad “B” horror flick. Anybody else see it?