Watch Eagles-Packers game on largest screen in the City!

Monday night, the Eagles will be playing the team they defeated to win their last NFL title, the Green Bay Packers. And the Troc is gonna be showing it on their enormous movie screen. More importantly, you’ll get a chance to hang out and watch the game with yours truly, and get to see just how emotionally unhinged I become during sporting events. It’s going to be concert sound, on the big screen, and there will be $2 PBRs, dollar dogs, and $10 buckets of Corona ponies for you snobs who can’t be happy with PBR. There will be a hot dog eating contest at halftime, lots of football trivia, and yes, the most HATED game show in the tri-state area will be rearing its ugly head, as Chip and I will be hosting the Wheel of Terrific on the main stage. You have to see it if you haven’t seen it yet.