Season over

Yep, the Phils lost two of three to one of the worst teams in baseball. They’ll win tonight, and the Dodgers will lose tonight, just to reel us back in one last time, but the Dodgers will not lose two of three. We’re finished. Pathetic. We should have lost Wednesday night too. What a choke. I wish the silver lining was that this would mean that the Phils would fire Uncle Charlie and make a push for Joe Girardi, but we all know that that will never happen. The highlight of the game was this, from Rich Hoffmann’s article in today’s paper: Later, they booed the pathetic excuse for Thomas Jefferson who fell down twice in a race of big-headed presidential mascots – after, that is, they greeted the big-heads with a serenade to the Phillies’ expert on all races of mascots: “Ran-dall Simon … Ran-dall Simon … “ To make matters worse, the pitcher who got the win for LA in yesterday’s Dodgers-Rockies game? Mark Hendrickson, a former Sixer! God has a sick sense of humor.

Oh, and a clarification. The Eagles game we’re showing on Monday will be the live Eagles-Packers game, not a replay of the 1960 game. Somebody asked me that last night.