Like Whoa!

Ok, so this is unbelievable. There is a 110 year old man living in St. Petersburg who used to play Negro League baseball. And the coolest part (well, for me, anyway)? He grew up on 17th and Bainbridge, two blocks from my house! He played for a team called the Germantown Blue Ribbons, and though his memory of those past teams is a little hazy (those 110 year olds can’t seem to remember anything these days), he remembers having a good curveball and a good fastball. To put in perspective how old he is: Simmons, known as Si, was born on Oct. 14, 1895 — the same year as Babe Ruth and Rudolph Valentino, and before F. Scott Fitzgerald and Amelia Earhart. Thanks to James for sending this in. If you see any crazy news stories that would be fun for the site, please send them to me.