Crunch time

Last night was brutal. I mean, I left one of my favorite movies early to watch the last two innings, all for naught. But I’m keeping my head up. Last week, I said we had to take 2 of 3 from the Marlins and then beat the Astros. Ok, so we just swapped and came out of it 3-1. No sweat. We just need to go 4-2 the rest of the way to tie the Dodgers, 5-1 to win outright. The Nationals are terrible. Just intentionally walk Soriano every time, and we should be fine. I’d love to sweep, but I’ll take two. The Dodgers go to Colorado to face the Rockies, then to San Fran for the Giants. We are a much better road team than the Dodgers. We are seven over .500 on the road, they are nine under. I’m now going to enter the zen-like zone I entered during the RPS tourney and try to transfer my powers to the Phils to help propel us to the promised land. You’re welcome.