You’re traveling through another dimension…

So last night I meet up with Trivia Art at Barrister’s after quizzo, where they’re having karaoke. Now, my first ever date with my ex-girlfriend (not this ex-girlfriend, a more recent one) was to karaoke, though it was at McGillan’s. So I’m eating my tacos (Barrister’s has good tacos), and these two girls sit beside me. They’re pretty cute, and I start talking to the one next to me. We chat for a while, and then I get around to getting her name. She has the same name as my ex-girlfriend (let’s use the name “Elvira”, to protect the innocent). OK, no big deal, my ex had a pretty common name (Elvira’s pretty common). I ask Elvira about her friend. Yeah, they were roommates this past year. Her friend’s name? The same name as my ex’s roommate this past year. Alright, this is starting to get creepy. I change the subject. Elvira’s going to school, and has a double major in criminal justice and art. “Yeah, I’m going to be a social worker when I graduate.” I don’t think I need to tell you what my ex does for a living. I immediately paid my check and took off running, nearly crashing into Rod Serling on my way out the door.
Disclaimer: No, I am not referring to my ex as a mistress of the dark. I just think Elvira is a funny name. The only mistresses of the dark I have a past with live in Detroit.