JGT Featured In Sports Illustrated

Yeah, so I was, uh, featured on Sports Illustrated’s website today. OK, so not exactly featured, but I was heavily involved in a piece about Donovan McNabb. OK, so I wasn’t heavily involved, but my name was mentioned. Briefly. Whatever. The point is that this is Sports Freaking Illustrated, which gave us Muhammed Ali and Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky and now I have been added to that holy sports pantheon. I think this should definitely help my chances of making the Sixers team this year (Did I mention that I’m trying out for the Sixers?). I haven’t heard from writer Michael Silver yet, but odds are that this is only Part One of an in-depth look at my athletic accomplishments, which include Second Team All-District Basketball in high school and a Little League Baseball Championship while playing on the 1987 Rotary. I also started the first ever male cheerleading squad at my high school, despite the fact that I’m pretty sure I’m not gay. And, of course, Silver will probably want to end what I’m guessing is going to be a six part series with a write up about my domination of Iverson in high school.
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