Odds and Ends

OK, so I got most of the photos up from last week, though I’m still wating on a couple from Jam Master Sean. Got this link from a member of the Jams. It’s Ken Jenning’ blog, and he actually comes off as…a pretty kool guy. Also, I’m finally gonna switch the poll to one about McNabb, but I was a little surprised at the results. After 300 votes were counted, Darth Ern has been proclaimed the most hated man in quizzo, with 36.8% of the vote. MAGMA was 2nd, with 29.5%, and the Sofa Kingdom was 3rd, with 20.7%. I really thought the Kingdom was more hated than MAGMA, but they don’t talk as much smack on the website, so I think that’s why more peope hate MAGMA. But congratulations, though, to the Darthmeister. If not for John Street and Phillies ownership, he’d probably be the most hated man in Philly!