Best of Philly apology

Larry Platt offered an apology to everyone at the Best of Philly party, b/cthe parking fiasco. We were lucky enough to come from the other direction, so we weren’t stuck in an enormous line, but as I reported earlier, we had to wait over an hour before we found our keys.

In fact, I was humble last week. I actually helped keep the parking situation from becoming a disaster. People were scrambling around on the ground, looking for keys, and things were getting ugly. So I ran inside, grabbed a pen and paper, and started asking people in line what their key number was. I wrote down all the key numbers, went up to the board, and handed it to a girl who worked for the valet service. She found the keys I had written down instead of trying to listen to 100 people shout out their numbers simultaneously, and the line dissipated in just a few minutes. I was a g** d***** hero that night. True story. If Larry Platt decides to write a letter of thanks to yours truly, it will be accepted graciously.