What should Johnny do in Chicago?

Hey gang, just kicking it in the Hampton Inn in downtown Cleveland, getting ready to head down to the harbor. Hope all is well in Philly. To read about me hosting quizzo in DC, falling in love in Pittsburgh, and rockin and rolling in Cleveland, click here. Otherwise, lemme know where I need to go what I need to do in Chicago, where I’ll be on Monday morning and staying for a couple of days. Planning on getting in a Cubs game and maybe checking out the aquarium.Any other ideas for what I should eatand what I should do? You guys steered me right when it came to crab cakes and Primanti Brothers, so I’m counting on you to tell me what to do in the Windy City. (Oh, and as far as photos go, Jam aster said he’s having some troubles with the camera, but hopefully I’ll have them up soon.)