Help Jet Li!

Hey gang, got this email from my friend Meghan at the PSPCA. If anyone has room for a cat at their house, or knows someone who does, please help this one! If you are interested, please contact Meghan.
Jet Li came to our shelter in December after being caught in a trap. He is one of the nicest cats you could ever meet. He loves to be pet, loves attention and most of all just the sweetest cat. He’s about 4 years old, already neutered and almost all black. Unfortunately, he had some kind of problem with his eyes where they were always squinting, and he has ringorm. We thought it might have been allergies, but came to the conclusion that it was not. Luckily, he has been placed in a foster home where he is flourishing. His eyes are much better and he’s just loving life outside of the shelter. However, now we need to find a permanent home for Jet Li because the foster mom can no longer care for him and he will be placed to sleep if he returns back to the shelter. We simply do not have the resources to take care of him with his situation. I love this cat so much, and if I didn’t have a small zoo in my own home, he’d be there. Please help him. If you cannot, please forward this to someone who can. Thank you for anything you can do.