World Cup

There’s only one way to describe this weekend’s soccer action: Booooooooring. After the opening game, which was won 4-2 by Germany, I think the rest of games were all 1-0, except for two, one of which was 0-0. 0-0? Seriously, is there anything lamer than a 0-0 sporting event? That’s like a strip poker match where everybody refuses to take any clothes off. And one game was 1-0 only because one team put the ball in their own goal. Can somebody explain to me why soccer has this stupid offsides rule which makes scoring essentially impossible? I mean, I wanna like the World Cup, I really do. But they have to score some freaking points. Please! Anyways, I’m gonna be at Black Sheep to watch the USA game if anybody wants to swing by during their lunch break.