Tonight’s Show!

Here’s how it’s goin’ down. There will be a show at 8 p.m. tonight at the Franklin Institute, featuring cartoon shorts by Max Fleischer, Disney’s chief rival in the Golden Age of Animation. There will be a number of classic shorts, including several of Popeye and Betty Boop. Then, at 10, I will be hosting a cartoon quizzo, though NOT all of the questions will be about cartoons. But you can count on rounds 2 and 3 being about cartoons. YES, THEY WILL BE SERVING ALCOHOL! Come on, do you think your ol’ pal Johnny is really gonna make you come out on a friday night without an opportunity to numb your brain with booze? Between rounds, they will be showing a cartoon mosaic on the ceiling of the planetarium that I have been told is going to be pretty sweet. Tickets are $4 to play quizzo only, $8 to watch the shorts and play quizzo.