Strange Rumblings

Alright, peoples, I’m heading home to Virginia (not to be confused with West Virginia) for the weekend, but got a few comments to make before I leave. First of all, got a lot of weird comments when I posted a photo of a girl with big boobs on the site the other day. It started withan angry rant that I was completely convinced was from my ex-girlfriend, but then turned out to be from some dude (The comments were posted under the Fado Philly Style Mag story, not the big boob story.) Anyways, to let you ladies who check the site know that I haven’t forgotten about you, I’m leaving this week with a photo of Brad Pitt.

Secondly, there is apparently some sort of big free quizzo event at the Franklin Institute next friday. I don’t know many details, b/c after the cartoon fiasco, I wasn’t invited back. Instead, they hired a guy I’ve never heard of. His name is QuizzoMan, and he supposedly has super trivia powers and wears really tight tights and a mask. If I hear anything else about it, I’ll post something about it next week.

Also, I wanna thank everybody for posting so many comments on the site lately (although some of them have been really strange.) The website is always more fun when it’s interactive. Sorry to the teams who won on Thursday, but I’ll try to post your stories this weekend when I get home. If not, they’ll go up Monday. Finally, if you haven’t read the heartwarming tale of my RPS victory, I ask you to please read it now. It may inspire you to do great things yourself someday.