Odds and Ends

First of all, Happy Birthday to Ice Cube, who turns 37 today. Also, Happy B-Day to Philadelphia’s own Bernard Hopkins, and congrats on what was an impressive win on Saturday night. Alright, that’s enough happiness. Let’s be miserable for a minute, and you know what I’m getting at: yeah, it’s time to talk Phillies. First of all, I want to know, can anyone out there think of a player in major league baseball worse than David Bell? No, I mean seriously, I want somebody to tell me a single player in the majors who is worse. Last night, after four innings, the skies opened up with the Phils trailing 7-2, and I began chanting, “Let’s go, Ra-ain.” But even the rain is letting us down these days. And how much longer before Uncle Charlie is fired? I give it until the All-Star break. We have some really good players on this team (though none of them pitch), and there is no excuse for us to be this pathetic. Something needs to happen, soon, or this is a lost season