Johnny About Cartoon Quizzo: “I Did Not Jump the Shark!”

06-07-2006 001 (Custom).jpg
The Sofa Kingdom won at an eerily quiet Cartoon Quizzo at the Franklin Institute on friday, as rumors flew that Goodtimes had finally jumped the shark. Despite a small crowd, the quizzo turned out to be a lot of fun, as Johnny played the soundtracks to various cartoons (Including Gem) throughout the night and a collage of cartoons was shown on the big screen. The primary reason for the low turnout, surmised Goodtimes, was the torrential downpour at the time of quizzo (One team had to leave halfway through the game b/c their basement flooded). His critics weren’t so sure. “Yeah, right, it was the rain,” said Bobby Badtimes, “And I’m the tooth fairy. Listen, people are just fed up with Goodtimes. They thought they were gonna get a science quizzo last time, and they got “‘Every Little Beat of My Heart’ by Hilary Duff. This was payback.” There is going to be a Superhero quizzo on the 30th of June. Though Johnny will be unable to host (he’s heading back to Europe), it is believed that a visitor from another planet, known as Quizzoman, will be hosting.More details will be forthcoming.