Eatin’ Good in the neighborhood

Man, this has not been my healthiest week. Monday night I hit both Jim’s and Moriarity’s. On Tuesday, I hit Lorenzo’s on South Street. You know how their pizza is kind of inconsistent? This time it was awesome. On Wednesday I got a burger from Monk’s. I think their beer is a little too pricey, but damn, their burgers are amazing. Then, yesterday, I got another cheesesteak, this one from Oscar’s Tavern, one of my favorite bars in the city. I feel like I need to hit another great place this weekend, to keep the momentum going. Where should I go? Any suggestions? I’m thinking about checking out the Cantina El Caballito, the new Mexican place. But other than that, I’m just eating salads this weekend. Seriously. I got to get my fat ass to the gym now, big time, and then I’ll get to work on stories for this week.