Attack of the white trash!

Looks like Joe Vento is getting more than he bargained for, as white trash from all across America descending on his restaurant, wearing their “These Colors Don’t Run” t-shirts and talking about how lazy immigrants are and you just know the following is happening over and over again:,
“I suppose I’ll have one of them there cheese steaks.”
“Yo, you’se want dat wit’?”
“Well, now, dadgummit, I cain’t quite understand yer English.”
“Yo, you’se want dat wit’?”
“Yer words ain’t makin’ no dagburn sense, but I’ll just take one of them there cheesesteaks to support all of y’all good speakin’ Americans.”

Hey I got Spanish class (I’m an unpatriotic American, stooping to learning that unworthy language, I know, I know), so I’ll holla at ya this afternoon.
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