The King of Pizza? Not Quite

05-19-2006 001 (Custom).jpg
Palestra Jon and I headed over to the King of Pizza in New Jersey last week. I’ll let him do his write up first:
The Famous King of Pizza is part of Jersey roadside legend, having been once part of a row that included Garden State racetrack, farmstands and a miniature golf course. Over the years, everything that once surrounded it is gone with the exception of the dinosaur from the miniature golf course, a lonely relic surrounded now by strip
malls and big box stores. Still, the King remains supreme. This is one of my favorite local places, with good cheesy pizza and great crust. I was somewhat limited by JGT’s menu selection. Although I recommended the very good white veggie or spinach pizzas, I had to struggle to keep him away from the Hawaiian Pineapple (ugh) pie. Finally, I reluctantly agreed to a half-chicken cheesesteak, half pepperoni pizza. The chicken cheesesteak pizza was very good, with a good cheese to steak ratio and the usual great crust. The pepperoni was a little disappointing in
my view, with the grease so overwhelming that you couldn’t taste anything but pepperoni fat. Overall, I would normally give the King a solid 4 star rating, but I have to take a star away due to the pizza choice. I still love this place, though.

Jon must have been muttering under his breath whe said the white and spinach pizza’s ’cause I never heard him. Regardless, the pizza we got was decent, but nothing special. The place had little in the way of ambiance, though the sign out front was pretty cool. Apparently the original place burned down a few years ago, and the owners went with a more modern (aka boring) look. Jon can blame me if wants to, but I didn’t make this so-so pizza. Correct me if I’m wrong Jon, but I don’t think the chicken steak came with peppers or onions. We agree on one thing: this place gets 3 pepperonis.