Taken out at the ballgame

Went to Phillies game last night, and sat next to a couple who were not only Giants fans, but who also had a sign which read, “We believe in you, Barry.” The fans in my section were not pleased with these people. The man beside me, who was a bit older and balding, sat quietly as the fans chanted “Ro-gaine! Ro-gaine!” and also had to endure chants of “She’s on steroids” aimed at his wife. The man made the mistake of standing up with his cardboard sign and then all hell broke loose. Somebody yelled something, then the man’s wife yelled back, “Suck a d***!” Well, then this lady in front of her who had come with her kids started going nuts. Apparently it was ok for Phillies fans to scream obscenities, but not Giants fans. So now she and the GIants lady were screaming and the crowd was going absolutely wild. Security started flying in from all sides. The crowd began chanting, “Kick them out! Kick them out!” I thought they were kicking them out, so I told one of the security guards, “They’ve been taking a lot of s***.”He said that they knew and that they were just going to move them to another section. The crowd, unaware of this, started singing the “shananana hey hey hey goodbye” song. Somebody dumped a beer on the dude, just because he had a freaking Barry Bonds sign. Philly sports fans, once again, jumped on the opportunity to make asses of themselves. It’s one thing to chant. It’s another thing to dump beer on somebody. Pathetic. Other than that, though, it was a great game. I’ve never seen a ball hit as high as the one Bonds hit. It was majestic, and for all the booing as we did all game, we certainly stood in awe of Barry’s shot. The best sign I saw at the park? One which read “To boo list” then followed with a list of each of the following things checked off: “Santa, Kobe, Barry Bonds, Clubber Lang.”