Sweet Peppers Win Lawyer Quizzo, Form Remarkable SIngle File Line

05-19-2006 006 (Custom).jpg
A team known as the Sweet Peppers won a privately held quizzo at the Boathouse for Pepper Hamillton LLP on Thursday night then formed what Johnny called, “the most perfect single file line ever. I mean, they are equidistant apart, each turned at exactly the same angle. I’ve been doing this a long time, and I have never seen a line like that one.” Johnny denied that he thought a member of an opposing team was cute, and that he grooved a Beverly Hills 90210 question in round one for her. “That is patently untrue, and I am sickened by the accusations. If I hear anyone else make accusations like those, they will be hearing from my lawyers…and my lawyers make perfect single file lines.”