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Man, rough night last night. The team that finished next to last somehow talked me into playing a game called Strankfinger. You ever heard of this? It’s horrifying. All the players put their finger on a glass of beer in the middle. Then the first player counts, “One two three” and then announces how many fingers they think will remain on the glass. The other players, after “three”, decide whether or not to leave their finger on the glass. Once you guess correctly, you’re out. The last player left has to drink out of the glass everybody’s had their finger on. Uh, yeah, kind of gross. I totally kicked ass at this game.

Man, I got a lot of s*** to do today. I gotta post stories, grab pizza, and prepare questions for tommorrow. And all with a hangover. This life of leisure ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Tonight, I might go to the Tucker Max party. I haven’t decided. It’s a fundraiser for his defense against Anthony Dimeo, who is taking Max to court.
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